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    VerDate              Comment
    2.61b0111-Apr-2020- Allow year to be extracted from end of synopsis and used in file name of films - which also means allowing brackets in file name
    - - (for existing installations - add () into AllowedInFileName in configuration file - and brackets now percent-encoded when in URL)
    - Allow indication of optional sections in substitutions with []
    2.60b0909-May-2017- For WinTVCap2 - some field names not handled correctly (cut/paste errors from original WinTVCap support).
    - Add ability to POST recording request summary to external system - e.g. Twitter.
    - Add # to list of characters that are specially encoded for URL (hopefully will not cause problems elsewhere - but will allow Twitter hash-tags to work).
    - Add support for using HTTP proxy when using InternalWebSend.
    - Add CR/LF/CRLF to available substitutions.
    - For DVBViewer when using API mode make the date format configurable because it looks like it follows local Windows configuration. - Note - for DVBViewer users who had changed DateDivider ... this will require a new edit to dabdig.ini
    - Add substitution to report remaining disk space
    - Add support for NextPVR / NPVR
    - Allow series/episode details to be grabbed from end of synopsis (with risks of faulty match)
    2.59b2604-Jun-2008- For ATiMMC there is a digital-only device which has different registry settings - start to adapt.
    - For ChrisTV the date field follows local Windows settings so make it configurable.
    - For WinTVPVR - set default recording windows style back to Restore (WinTVPVRRecWinStyle=1) because running it maximised prevents recording with some versions of Win2K.
    - Add support for Microsoft Media Center Edition (MSMCE).
    - Add substitutions for GMT start and end date/time.
    - For GBPVR - Added optional Priority field because it looks like new versions of GBPVR require it.
    - For GBPVR - Added conversion_profile.
    - For GBPVR - Added call to new function to force recording schedule to reload because recent GBPVR versions no longer use a timer to poll database.
    - Add a general ability to mess around with the timezone when working on UTC date times.
    - Added support for automatic detection of WinTV background recorder (BGRecorder).
    - Apply InternalWebSend to Nebula DigiTV to provide more control when web-based scheduling is used.
    - For Topfield - Add support for substitutions in file names to make it easier to use MyStuff TAP.
    - Add support for DVBDream.
    - For DVBViewer - add support for parameter passing on record requests.
    2.58b0614-Dec-2006- Add new substitutions - for Tab ($HT) and Null ($NU).
    - For TiVoWeb - allow parameter substitution so that extra fields can be inserted.
    - Put leading zero in the end date/time fields - for people using the substitution facility.
    - Note - this might have an unexpected effect on some devices that take textual date/time fields.
    - but initial checks of them look OK. If recordings used to work and now do not with this version then this might be the reason so let me know quickly!
    - For TwinHan VisionDTV - new field mechanism to add/replace fields in schedule file to support new in VisionDTV 2.65 ProgarmName (sic).
    - Add parameter substitution D2 and E2 for 2 digit start and end year.
    - Start to add Compro Videomate
    2.57b1213-Nov-2006- Allow time-delayed retries on failed internal send of URL.
    - For Nebula DigiTV - add the new (3.5.21) PostTime/PreTime fields just in case future versions of their software rely on it being present.
    - For WebScheduler - switch from using the programme name to FileNamePartial.
    - For GBPVR - add more flexibility in handling channel name.
    - Add support for OnlineTVRecorder.
    - Allow double-quote in synopsis to be converted because it can break external systems when passed as a parameter.
    - For TiVoWeb - allow configuration of length of synopsis sent to TiVoWeb.
    - For Nebula Digitv - make the executable name configurable to support the HD version (and also version 3.7 of DigiTV).
    - For WinTVPVR (WinTV2k) in particular - add mechanism to minimise an already open window via AutoItX.
    - Add more generic flexibility in recorded file name so that all devices can benefit from the Substitution facility.
    2.56b2919-Apr-2006- Reinstate broken support for Matrox eTV - but only for beta builds.
    - For TwinHan VisionDTV - most new users should be using the 2.6 version of the TwinHan software so change defaults to match.
    - For TwinHan VisionDTV - move the registry path check to be after the INI file setting is checked.
    - For WinTVPVR and WinTVCap - allow a command line override for people who always record from same channel source - e.g. a Sky box
    - Make configurable the set of allowed characters in file name - so that extended European characters can be used by those that want to.
    - Add channel name into list of simple file name substitution fields (FileName fields in dabdig.ini).
    - Allow the divider in the title/filename to be specified.
    - Allow diagnostic messages to be written to file without going to screen.
    - For WinTVCap - allow a wait for exit because when GBRecord is being used as a WinTVCap replacement there is a problem if 2 copies are trying to record at the same time from a single board.
    - For Leadtek Winfast - there is a new digital TV device available. Very similar schedule format and new registry key to use.
    - For DVBViewer - version 3.2 changed the schedule file format and also added a COM interface including ability to notify On-Screen-Display.
    - Make sure that all calls to create objects using SET have previously had the variable DIM'd because it might be the cause of an obscure ActiveX scripting problem when not running as Admin on XP.
    - Add parameter substitution for Streaming and Streaming2 via CmdOverride facility.
    - Implement the previously documented (but skipped) WebSchedulerURLRadio.
    - Add a simple remote execution mechanism.
    - Include native HTTP GET operation so that local browser can be avoided (initially for WebScheduler).
    - For DVBViewer - add some different handling for when software already running.
    - Add EpisodeName as substitutable parameter and optional 13th command line parameter.
    - For ProgDVB, make the request to Exit configurable and hence optional.
    - For ExternalChannelChanger, make configuration easier for simple installations by adding a base channel number definition and default source.
    - For Leadtek - looks like another version of their software does not use registry at all so try to make the use optional by adding configurable path.
    - For GBPVR - if specified, then use capture source
    2.55b1803-Dec-2005- Add/remove broken support for Matrox eTV.
    - Reinstate broken basic FusionHDTV recording scheduling (via database) - needs more work.
    - Add/remove fledgling support for Dreambox via DreamVCR.
    - Modify the undocumented support for @filename so that (typically) no message box pops-up when used.
    - Start adding native support for MyHD.
    - For WinTVPVR - add channel name lookup ability.
    - Add support for Fly2000TV.
    - Add support for Topfield PVR via Jag's EPG.
    - Added some extra substitution parameters - to easily allow hh:mm generation ($DH, $DN).
    - Add method of translating numbers to text in channel name searches - to help with "BBC 1" to "BBC One".
    - VBScript has a problem with handling quotes within parameters on command lines - so allow special URL-encoded version of command line to be accepted.
    - Set number of times that a write to the log file will be retried to 10 (was 0) because of people using long alert intervals and immediate record requests.
    - Add parameter substitution to DABBar and SaveDescriptionPath.
    - For GBPVR - add optional stop/start of recording service.
    - For WebScheduler - add alternate URL for "radio" recording to allow easier use of different capture type.
    - For FusionHDTV - further experimentation. This time adding in file name.
    2.54b0915-Jun-2005- Add/remove broken support for Matrox eTV.
    - Add/remove broken basic FusionHDTV recording scheduling (via database) - needs more work.
    - Add/remove fledgling support for Dreambox via DreamVCR.
    - Change error handling when checking registry for Nebula timer entries so that it does not wait for user input.
    - Add channel name lookup for ATiMMC.
    - TwinHan VisionDTV 2.602 allows the APID to be included in the schedule record (allow -ve offset to suppress this field).
    - For WebScheduler - change default port from 8080 to 8429, and convert channel "number" into URL style (e.g. space to +).
    - For WebScheduler - allow configuration of whether to use the given channel number or name.
    - For ATiMMC - feedback was that the "Slot Reuse" function works well - so make it default.
    - For ATiMMC - feedback is that the "Slot Reuse" function works well - so make it default.
    - Seems that TwinHan VisionDTV 2.603 does not store the path in the registry - so allow it to be overridden.
    - Add Archos 400 series PVR support.
    - Fix issue that can occur if TwinHan code called with no channel number (previously resulted in bad handling on 2nd call looking up channel name).
    - Modify marker for DigiGuide 8.2 revised XML parser.
    2.53b1727-Feb-2005- Add/remove broken support for Matrox eTV.
    - Add/remove broken basic FusionHDTV recording scheduling (via database) - needs more work.
    - Add/remove fledgling support for Dreambox via DreamVCR.
    - TwinHan VisionDTV changed the file format of their channel list and schedule location (in their 2.6 software), so adapt code (and use 0 to request that function).
    - Add length in seconds as a substitutable parameter ($LS).
    - Add Normalised Title as a substitutable parameter ($TN).
    - For ATiMMC allow windows type for scheduler to be configurable.
    - For ATiMMC - allow reuse of expired timer slots.
    - For ExternalChannelChanger - allow each element of the channel number to be sent individually.
    - Add Category as substitutable field - and make it an optional command line parameter for non-DGScript users (number 12).
    - Allow command line substitution for WinTVPVR and WinTVCap (and WinTVCap2).
    - Allow OutputTarget to contain substitutable parameters and allow request for OutputTarget directory to be created, including parent directories.
    - Add Synopsis ($SY) (Description) as substitutable parameter.
    2.52b2327-Dec-2004- Add/remove support for Matrox eTV.
    - Add/remove basic FusionHDTV recording scheduling (via database) - needs more work.
    - Start adding support for Dreambox via DreamVCR.
    - Removed references to the old "DOS" version.
    - Removed reference to the dabdig.map sample because it is no longer in the distribution (someone forgot to extract to subdirectories and overwrote their real one by mistake.
    - TwinHan VisionDTV changed the file format of their channel list, so adapt code to try to calculate sizes automatically (and use 0 to request that function).
    - TwinHan also changed the name of their executable with their version 2.43 so modified defaults here.
    - For Nebula DigiTV - allow the network mode to be reset.
    - For ATi MMC - add support for recording from radio (as in 9600 device) plus dynamic selection of S-Video or Composite. Also allow configuration of asking for Scheduler force exit.
    - For VisionDTV - allow control over restart of VisionDTV when scheduling recordings.
    - For DABBar, retry (up to 3 times) when appending to schedule file.
    - For ChrisTV, generate File Name for recordings and allow date syntax to be specified.
    - Add support for Radiator.
    - Change default for ATiMMCExtraInfo.
    - For TotalRecorder - added ability to request command line substitution.
    - Added OutputTarget ($OT) to substitutable parameters.
    - Make the PostProcess pause configurable.
    - Add support for Replay Radio.
    - Add "day of week" as substitutable parameter.
    2.51b2026-Sep-2004- Add/remove support for Matrox eTV.
    - Add link to support forum.
    - Allow multi-device specification in [Default] section of dabdig.map.
    - Add ability to specify a file with (a single) command (dabdig @filename).
    - Start adding support for Dreambox via DreamVCR (removed for now).
    - Add end date/time and StreamType into parameter substitution.
    - Start adding support for generic command-line task running (remove from this build as not ready yet).
    - Start making parameter substitution available for command lines - VirtualVCR Record function first.
    - For Nebula DigiTV - create Timer key if not present.
    - Add ability to suppress on screen message boxes - primarily for PostProcess function.
    - Add/remove FusionHDTV recording scheduling (via database).
    - For VirtualVCR - allow more control over forcing exit because of VirtualVCRMax that can stay in memory.
    - Allow some basic maths (plus and minus) to be included in the duration field to allow per programme override.
    - Add support for new Nebula DigiTV command line method to select channel to view - and make this the default way.
    - Add more intuitive support for multiple TV cards with different sources when using WinTVCap.
    - For WinTVCap - added an AllowForceExit control - but defaulted to No (change from previous behaviour) because newer versions of WinTVCap no longer require being stopped before starting a new recording.
    - Allow recording quality to be set per recording for WinTVCap.
    - Allow the specification of the early start up time in seconds (in addition to PLAYIN in minutes).
    - Add basic support for WebScheduler.
    - Add experimental support for GB-PVR.
    - Add support for ChrisTV.
    2.50b1404-Jul-2004- Add and remove support for Matrox eTV.
    - Modify Device Steering to allow something like TV-254,IR-127 control both devices even when DefaultDevice is enabled.
    - Add a few seconds to the duration of TotalRecorder recordings.
    - Slight change to way "Sleep" is used - loop on smaller intervals rather than one long one (remove possible issue with numeric overflow).
    - With Nebula DigiTV some channel now using LCN higher than 255 so ensure handling two byte fields.
    - Add ability to re-use Nebula DigiTV timer entries because looks like recent Nebula software resets rather than removes them on completion.
    - Add ability (in DigiGuide dgmarker only) to allow specification of recording type - per recording.
    - For ProgDVB add ability to stop any recording in progress when asked to view a channel.
    - For ProgDVB make the command to stop recording visible - so that it can try to unmute at the end.
    - For TwinHan VisionDTV put support for View/Play with alternate channel counting algorithm.
    - Possible timing error when terminating a process from a list - so use critical error handling code around it.
    - Start to add support for DVICO FusionHDTV.
    - Add support for "stream-number" specifier for TVPI/TVVI HDTV users.
    2.49b1416-May-2004- Add and remove support for Matrox eTV.
    - For Leadtek WinFast .. correction for how CVBS source is selected.
    - For ProgDVB ... add ability to wait for it to exit before recording to make back-to-back work better.
    - Add string substitution to PostProcessRecord and SendKeys.
    - Add new PostProcessRecordParam to allow command and parameters to be separated.
    - If called with channel of "ANY" then do not schedule into Leadtek - just launch directly.
    - For ProgDVB - if no channel name then try the number regardless of ProgDVBTakeNum setting.
    - Extend channel mapping to allow words at the end of the given name to be removed.
    2.48b1828-Apr-2004- Add and remove support for Matrox eTV.
    - Add support to call an external program to switch channels on cable/sat box (like Girder).
    - Add support for selection of Leadtek CVBS and S-Video.
    - Modify support for Technotrend DVB-T to provide channel lookup.
    - Removed NebulaDigiTVRegBin as always 1 for all released versions from Nebula.
    - Small correction when handling escape character in file name format (FileNameOrder).
    - Change defaults for Nebula because 3.11B4 has registry polling and slightly revised URL.
    - For WinTVPVR, make configurable the Windows style and command line used when live viewing. Also add ability to switch to window and send keystrokes.
    - Started to add support for KWorld TV device.
    - Started to add support for TwinHan VisionDTV.
    - Add support for alternate module to activate (Switch To) window (AutoItX)
    2.47b0807-Mar-2004- Add and remove support for Matrox eTV.
    - Add abilty to control window style when PLAY/VIEW on Nebula DigiTV. Done because someone wants to PLAY the radio in background (minimised) and does not need to PLAY the TV.
    - Recieved report that ATi MMC 8.8 needs extra information in the registry - make it configurable.
    - Allow the Leadtek Silent Recording option to be configurable.
    - Change the Leaktek enable flag from UseLeadtekWinFast to UseLeadtek so that it is consistent with the device specific fields.
    - Allow control over stop of of application for WinTVPVR.
    - Nebula web interface syntax now known .. still does not work with DigiTV 3.11b03 but have let them know my issues.
    - Nebula DigiTV 3.11Beta3 only allowed for 2 digits for LCN when going via web - this will change for future Nebula releases so make it configurable.
    2.46b1614-Feb-2004- Add and remove support for Matrox eTV.
    - Use shortname for directory when queuing to Windows Scheduler.
    - Add check for maximum length of command passed to Windows Scheduler - WMI seems to have limit around 260 characters.
    - Correct problem in initial device detection when registry used.
    - Allow the record start time seconds field to be specified for Leadtek.
    - Allow output location to be specified for Nebula DigiTV.
    - Add PLAY support for TechnotrendDVB.
    - Add speculative code to schedule to Nebula DigiTV via HTTP.
    - Move Leadtek force shutdown timer into INI file.
    - Slight change to WinTVPVR command line to move param2 inside the quotes.
    - Allow log file to be open/closed for each logged event (with single retry on failure) - which will reduce chance of collision in multi-device set-up but will also run slightly slower.
    - Allow control over forcing VirtualVCR exit.
    - Allow (almost) any characters to be specified in file name.
    2.45b4504-Jan-2004- Add and remove support for Matrox eTV.
    - Add support for AVerMedia AVerTV DVB-T.
    - Enhance Device Steering to allow dynamic override.
    - Add support for 2nd TiVo
    - Add support for new file-based schedule in Leadtek WinFast PVR.
    - Add support for Technotrend DVB devices via Technotrend DVB-TV.
    - Allow TVPI sendkey delay to be specified.
    - Add ability to initiate live viewing on TiVo.
    - Allow path to WinTV2K to be provided when using WinTVCap (used when Viewing live).
    - Add PLAY support for VirtualVCR.
    2.44b1615-Dec-2003- Nebula 3.10 change means new field to control how Play/View is handled.
    2.44b1430-Nov-2003- Add support for starting Nebula DigiTV in "sleep" mode (new in DigiTV 3.10).
    2.44b1321-Nov-2003- Changed default for NebulaDigiTVMatchLCN - 0 seems better for new installers with current Nebula software.
    2.44b1216-Nov-2003- For TiVo Web ... removed leading zero from Hours/Minutes ... apparently sometimes causes problems with manrec.
    2.44b1109-Nov-2003- Add support for TiVo Web.
    - Allow for Nebula DigiTV installations without DigiSvc (i.e. DigiTV 3.10).
    - Change Nebula detection and defaults, plus add code so that DigiSvc presence is not essential.
    - Add new way to influence ATiMMC recorded file names.
    - Allow a forced shutdown for older ATi MMC software after recording ends.
    - Modified View/Play on ATiMMC because command line did not work on some O/S versions.
    - Changed the default recording parameter set for ProgDVB to record muted and minimized
    2.44b1003-Nov-2003- Put file name in quotes for WinTVPVR.
    2.44b0905-Sep-2003- Make date comparisons less locale dependent.
    2.44b0822-Aug-2003- Parse description for Series/Episode numbers and make available in file name (with optional suppression of date/time).
    - Allow file name element order to be defined.
    - Allow a task to be run after scheduled recording has completed.
    - Allow direct scheduling to WinTV PVR via command line.
    - For Nebula DigiTV - the upgrade to V3 of DigiTV changed some behaviour so change default number of timer entries to 50 and use LCN directly.
    - Add support for ProgDVB
    - Correct fresh install check for WinTVCap
    2.43b0126-May-2003- Made the XMl output for TVPI/TVVI a bit more legal by escaping ampersand, greater-than/less-than and high-ascii characters that might appear in channel name, programme title and programme description.
    - Web page update to show new download location for WinDAB.
    - Give warning if invoked but nothing found to do.
    - Include warning that CANCEL is not a supported opeation (yet).
    - Changed URL for Nova-T Scheduler.
    2.42b0105-May-2003- Added ability to put jobs into Windows (NT and above) Scheduler.
    - Some internal re-organisation to make it easier to add new devices in future.
    2.41b0226-Apr-2003- A new special ForceExit value for Nebula DigiTV
    - Initial alpha-level code for J. River Media Center
    2.40b0525-Apr-2003- Add specific support for the Leadtek software that was released in January 2003.
    - Changed CreativeVBDVCR time offset calculation to try to make it automatic.
    - Added support for WinTVCap.
    - Add PLAY/VIEW support for Nebula DigiTV and fixed a channel numbering calculation and changed default numbering type.
    - Removed references to DigiGuide V5 because DigiGuide have upgraded everyone to V6
    - Changed some of the INI file names to be consistent which then enables revised INI file format
    - Allowed the various AllowForceExit fields to have value 2, meaning "Yes and do not ask"
    - Allow external program to be called to wake-up the ATi Scheduler.
    - Allow for HDTV extensions via TVPI/TVVI
    2.3702-Mar-2003- Add specific (experimental) support for Creative VideoBlaster Digital VCR.
    - Latest LeadTek WinFast application has changed how data is handled. So, until 2.40, recommended route is to enable TVPI rather than LeadtekWinFast and set "TVPISWITCHTOWINDOW=winFast EPG" in dabdig.ini
    - Add support for ATi MMC
    2.3626-Feb-2003- Add specific support for generic streaming.
    - Improve Device Steering by moving names into dabdig.ini
    - Changed name of one of the NovaTScheduler attributes for consistency - sorry. Note - this field was not used in the version of DABDig shipped with NovaT Scheduler so this should not affect most users.
    - Change start-up process when no INI file (fresh install) so that it tries to work out what to set in the USE* settings in dabdig.ini
    - Add flag to allow request to run DABBar when scheduling a recording.
    - Add option to force shutdown Leadtek WinFast GUI at end of programme.
    - Add support for Nebula DigiTV sort by LCN function

    2.3527-Jan-2003- Add experimental support for TotalRecorder and VirtualVCR.
    - Include ability to wait (ideally a short time) to launch some tasks.
    - Modified layout of INI file description in web page.
    2.34b2023-Jan-2003- Add experimental support for DVBsVCR2 - only support immediate PLAY and immediate RECORD for now.
    - Added basic mechanism for forcing scheduling to a specific device when you have more than one.
    - Allow attempt to force Nebula DigiTV GUI to exit so that new items can be scheduled.
    - Allow programme name to be sent to Nebula DigiTV (using feature introduced in DigiTV 1.07).
    - Allow number of available recording slots to be specified for Nebula DigiTV just in case they increase them in future.
    - Add option to write to a log file.
    - Added ability to override DigiGuide channel name when using NovaT scheduler.
    - Added Homepage and Mailto to INI file.
    - Added experimental support for Videorecorder by Steffen Stuhr
    - Added date syntax specifier for DABBar because if Windows set to USA format then DABBar expects date to be in mm/dd/yy not dd/mm/yy.
    - Added control of inclusion of old extra Leadtek Winfast date/time fields
    - Allow Leadtek Winfast to be (re)started to pick up new events
    - Added DigiGuide menu options to schedule repeating events
    - Allowed DABBARPLAY to be blank to allow more direct control of command line
    - Modified this page to show that Modular Technology PCI DAB card is supported via DABBar
    - Inlcude new field to request optional extra tag in TVPI XML file - savetofile
    2.3320-Dec-2002Add support for DABBar 1.4Beta - which requires a secondary channel indicator to be sent - 0 if none
    2.3220-Dec-2002Some doubt over correct encoding of registry keys - so added flag to control it - NebulaDigiTVRegBin
    2.3119-Dec-2002Include specifc check for registry write error for Nebula DigiTV in case user does not have enough rights
    2.3015-Dec-2002Add experimental support for Nova-T Scheduler and Nebula DigiTV
    Make inclusion of date in file name configurable.
    Added NowOffset.
    2.2201-Dec-2002Allow the stream type to be set as RECORD - which then applies a default file extension where applicable
    2.2116-Nov-2002Allow file name format to be revised
    Allow programme description to be saved
    Changed order in INI file - moving generic fields to the top
    2.2027-Oct-2002New (experimental) support for Leadtek WinFast and TVPI format (claimed support by variety of PC TV card software packages).
    Added dump of wscript version number to INI file.
    Changed some variable initialisation related to PLAY commands to remove chance of Type Mismatch error.
    2.1622-Sep-2002The DG6Beta231 issue was resolved in 233 - so documented that fact. No code changes.
    2.1507-Sep-2002The DG6Beta231 issue not resolved in DG6Beta232 - so included small debug option so that you can see what is happening - set TRACEFLAGS=1 for a 10 second pop-up window showing the command line issued by DG
    2.1417-Aug-2002Changed the dgmarker for DG6 because of change in DG6Beta231 - see the FAQ entry for more information.
    2.1317-Aug-2002Show the received command line when faulty - because DG6Beta231 messed up the Duration (DG6Beta233 fixed it) ... will list as 2.02 in dabdig.ini
    2.1226-Jul-2002Added picture of very special model.
    2.1130-Jun-2002Modified DigiGuide V6 dgmarker function so that a marker can be modified to be an AnyTime - did not change core program.
    2.122-Jun-2002Added DigiGuide V6 dgmarker function - did not change core program. DG6 users no longer need the scripting add-in to record/play programmes.
    2.0121-Apr-2002Small change when launching DABBar to PLAY - extra quotes in command line for Win9x
    Also changed PLAY on DABBar default to MP2
    2.014-Apr-2002Added support for DVBControl - to record from Digital Satellite/Digital Terrestrial
    Support live playing from DABBar (either streamed or local) and WinDAB (streamed only) - need DigiGuide V6 to exploit best
    1.923-Mar-2002Special handling for programmes that have already started but not finished
    1.810-Mar-2002Add DateDivider to INI file to control field in DAB Bar schedule file
    1.711-Feb-2002Add stream_type to schedule_id to allow scheduling of simultaneous recording of same programme in MP2 and MP3
    Added link to uk-dab.info
    1.607-Feb-2002Small change for registry handling because of Win2K or WSH differences in RegRead
    1.506-Feb-2002Added support for WinDAB (from 1.0.1 Build 44 of WinDAB)
    Changed syntax of recorded file name - now put date/time in directly
    Changed some of the debugging statements to call a routine to enable future selective tracing
    1.419-Jan-2002Configurable items now moved to INI file
    1.316-Jan-2002Added configurable play-in/play-out timers
    Added FAQ to web page
    1.213-Jan-2002Added recording stream type (MP3/MP2) as selectable parameter
    - first version made generally available
    1.112-Jan-2002Replaced shell of echo with fso
    - worked on my machines and outside
    1.009-Jan-2002Initial version using VBS
    - worked on my machines with VBS 5.1 failed outside with VBS 5.6.1
    0.106-Jan-2002Quick DOS batch file - posted to Newgroups/Usenet/NNTP

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